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Sarah Guo

Partner to Founders & Venture Capitalist
Partner to Founders & Venture Capitalist

Hi! I’m a General Partner at Greylock, making early-stage venture capital investments in software startups. I’m especially good at closing the gap between creative technologists and business problems.

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Common Room
Skyhigh Networks

The most comprehensive support system for working families.

Shortcut is the collaborative home for modern software teams, combining issue tracking and communication.

A new doc that brings words, data and teams together. Supporting the company with my partner Reid Hoffman.

Common Room helps companies deepen relationships across their communities, anywhere people are.

Figma helps teams create, test, and ship better designs from start to finish. Supporting the company with my partner John Lilly.

Ad-free and private search, built for the users. Supporting the company with my partners Reid Hoffman and Asheem Chandna.

The industry’s first Cloud Detection & Response (CDR) product, giving security teams the unified, context-rich visibility they need to defend their SaaS apps. Supporting the company with my partner Asheem Chandna.

The leading SMS platform for Shopify merchants, helping brands get their message through, connect with customers, and grow revenue at the same time. Supporting the company with my partner Mike Duboe.

Making video editing as simple as a google doc.

Remotion is the lightweight virtual office that helps remote-first teams connect like they’re in person.

The first service desk for finance.

The first Extended Workforce System that enables the enterprise and its non-employee workforce to seamlessly and efficiently work together.

Advanced network traffic analysis for security. Supporting the company with my partner Asheem Chandna.

The leading Security Orchestration, Automation and Response solution.

The pioneering Cloud Access Security Broker. Supporting the company with my partner Asheem Chandna.

The industry’s first provider of Application Security Management (ASM).

i'm interested in...
i'm interested in...

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately

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