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July 07, 2020

Breakthrough Innovation: w/Aaron Levie, CEO Box ğŸŽ™

On Evolving Into a Digital-First Business

Breakthrough Innovation

Box CEO Aaron Levie on Evolving Into a Digital-First Business

By: Sarah Guo & Greylock Partners

Cloud collaboration and sharing platforms are among the critical tools needed in the modern workplace. With the near-worldwide shift to remote work, companies like Box have become indispensable. In addition to providing tools that enable enterprise organizations to digitize more elements of their businesses, Box has also been an influential leader on remote workplace policies and, in May, announced its entire employee base would be virtual through at least 2021.

Box CEO and co-founder Aaron Levie sat down with Greylock General Partner Sarah Guo on Greymatter to discuss his company’s journey during the past decade leading up to the Covid-19 pandemic, how it has changed their product roadmap, and where he believes the opportunities for innovation still lie. 

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