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Arming the Builders
February 11, 2021

Congrats Sqreen and Datadog

Datadog Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Sqreen

After leading Apple’s internal offensive security team, and breaking/defending the iPhone and Apple’s apps against the world’s most sophisticated hackers for nearly a decade, Sqreen co-founders Pierre Betouin and JB Aviat understood in their bones how hard it is to write and maintain secure code.

Even with Apple’s recruiting budget and focus on security, the status quo (network-based solutions, teach every developer to write perfectly secure code all the time, testing) couldn’t keep up. They knew there had to be a scalable answer — a technology answer. So they set out on a journey to build a product that would democratize application security, and they did it with empathy for developers and defenders.

Their modern, SaaS + dynamic microagent-based approach was ambitious, but powerful. It would have the context to protect applications, and it could defend in production deterministically. But would customers trust it? Would developers even care? Was it crazy to believe that their code could live in every application on the planet? We’re not there yet, but Sqreen has grown rapidly, and now protects hundreds of leading companies at massive application scale. Congratulations to Sqreen and Datadog on joining forces today, to bring their innovation to the rest of the market.

It’s so obvious when you find a company that is purpose-driven. It shows in their passion for the problem, in the care they put into the details of the product, in the flexibility of their thought around the solution, in how deeply they listen to their customers, and in the alignment of the team. It shows in how much they care to be excellent.

I’m deeply thankful to Pierre, JB and the entire Sqreen team for letting me be part of their story since series A. I learned a great deal about security, application development and entrepreneurship from our journey together. Team Datadog is lucky to have you!