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July 21, 2020

Interview with Todd McKinnon, Okta CEO on Dynamic Work

a new, more flexible framework for work

Dynamic Work

Okta CEO on finding flexibility in hiring, collaborating and innovating

By: Sarah Guo & Greylock Partners

Times of great transition can often be just the right moment to start a company. They can also offer up new opportunities to embrace workplace policies and practices that help companies become more nimble, adaptable and effective organizations.

On this episode of Greymatter, Okta CEO and co-founder Todd McKinnon shares leadership lessons for times of dramatic change, and how they’re meeting the surge in customer demand for Okta since Covid-19 hit. Todd, who left his job leading engineering at Salesforce in 2009 to start Okta, a Greylock portfolio company, reflects on the platform shifts that convinced him to take the leap, the parallels he sees today, and what’s next for Okta. Finally, for over a year predating the pandemic, Todd has been a proponent of the nuanced “dynamic work” (rather than fully remote work). He explains that philosophy and shares Okta’s approach to talent.

This episode is part of our #WorkFromAnywhere podcast series hosted by Greylock partners Sarah Guo and David Thacker

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