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July 28, 2020

Building for the Distributed Future: Interview w/Shortcut CEO Kurt Schrader

A more inclusive, collaborative, digital home for software teams

Building for the Distributed Future

Shortcut CEO on a more inclusive, collaborative, digital home for software teams

By: Sarah Guo & Greylock Partners

COVID-19 has brought into sharp relief the inadequacies of some of our collaborative tools. Project management has long been seen as a “necessary evil,” but Shortcut has been challenging the status quo of that category. The company’s platform is a collaborative home for software teams, with a more joyful, inclusive and communicative product. It’s being built by an-already distributed team. Despite that, Shortcut CEO and co-founder Kurt Schrader said the shift to a completely remote workforce has provided fresh insight into how they can help customers (and themselves) build better together while we’re all apart. Kurt sat down with Greylock general partner Sarah Guo to discuss how the company is internally adapting to remote-first, how usage patterns are changing among their customers, and how Shortcut is thinking about the next phase of product development.

This episode is part of our #WorkFromAnywhere podcast series hosted by Greylock partners Sarah Guo and David Thacker. 

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