Sarah Guo

Venture Capitalist in California

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Hi! I'm a General Partner at Greylock, making early stage venture capital investments in startups that improve how we work, connect and communicate. I'm especially good at closing the gap between creative technologists and business problems.

More about what I look for in startups.

My mission is to be the best business partner to extraordinary technology founders. I help them recruit teams, productize ideas, get advantaged distribution, and build dominant businesses. I'm honored to be part of the Midas Brink List, Linkedin's Next Wave and Forbes' 30 Under 30.

I'm most interested in:

1. intelligent apps that use modern machine learning approaches to do more work for us and replace cruft with delight

2. smarter and more developer-friendly infrastructure and tools for software 2.0

3. the conversational economy. ways to engage with customers on their own terms

4. cyber security, identity and privacy

5. the intersection of software and healthcare

6. the SaaS engagement and “glue” layer

I'm currently partnered with Awake, Clubhouse, Cleo, Coda, Figma, Obsidian, Sqreen, Utmost, and formerly the teams at Avi (acq), Demisto (acq), and Skyhigh (acq).

On the side, I advocate for diversity, esp. for women in tech. I believe our biggest emerging societal challenge is the equitable distribution of the benefits of technology. I love pianos, helicopters, and curious, driven people.